Saturday, September 12, 2009

My Birthday-

Well as of the day before yesterday I'm an adult. Yes, that's right I'm offically eighteen.

I was on the phone with Boo a couple days before my birthday and I asked Boo, "If I was ancient at seventeen how old will I be at eighteen?"

She silently thought about it for about 3 whole minutes and replied solemnly, "Audrey, when your eighteen you will be super-duper ancient."

Well Boo I appreciate the heads up. So apparently I'm super duper ancient. Does that mean I'm halfway in the grave then.

On my birthday I went to one of my favorite restaurants; Olive Garden, with my cousin Amy. When we got back boy I was in for a surprise. Grandma and Amy's little girl Trina jumped out from behind the doorway and yelled as they blew confetti at me,"SUPRISE!!!!!" In the hour that we were gone for Trina and grandma had put up streamers ALL over the house, put up a HAPPY BIRTHDAY banner and had a cake sitting on the table that had cursive writing on it spelling out "Happy Birthday Audrey!!"
I miss the littles soo much though!! I called them on my birthday and they sang Happy Birthday to me. Then all the little ones got on and told me how much they miss me and Happy Bithday!

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