Monday, February 7, 2011

Out of the Mouth of Babes

Rey- I see all the girls at school. Me- and Lefty? Rey-Yeah, and Lefty.. Me- I don't think Lefty would like to be called a girl. Rey-oh yeah, probably not

Conversation with Rey-
Guess how old I'll be when DeeDee is my age? How old? almost 40.
Rey-How old will I be?
Rey-WOOOAH! I'll be old

Sherbet pronunciation discussion (with the sickies back home)
Cricket- It's Sher-BET
Maegan and Jewelia It's Sher-BURT
Cricket-Y'all are just weird
Me-I'm with Maegan and Jewelia on this one. It's Sher-BURT
Cricket-S-h-e-r-b-et BET!
Maegan and Jewelia say You're the weird one.
Cricket says I know. I just said that to make y'all crazy
*thinks to self * at least she's honest

Rey-Opening up Christmas gifts 
Oh yeah! Silly Bands! (said in a goofy voice)

Curly Top- 
HI AUDREY!!!!! YAYYYYYYY!!!!!!!!!!! (I swear she makes my day whenever I talk to her)

DeeDee- Audee, You pitty (pretty).
Thank you DeeDee you're pretty too.
No, I tute (cute)!

Is Barney a dinosaur?
DeeDee-No, Barney Pitty! 
(There ya have it folks Barney isn't a dinosaur. He's pretty. Just ask my sister)


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